Extension Seminary in Trinidad,
West Indies
         Our extension seminary in Trinidad is dedicated to the purpose of offering comprehensive Biblical and theological training for national pastors and for those who need the credentials to pursue their calling in full time Christian ministry. Our extension seminary offers the same degrees as our resident seminary in India. (This includes B.Th., B.D., M.Th., D. Min., and Th.D. degrees in Theology.)

         In Trinidad we also have a correspondence school with over 3,000 students studying the Scriptures throughout the West Indies and South America.
         In July of 1998 our extension seminary in Trinidad had its first graduation ceremony. There were 13 students who graduated with their degrees in Theology. These students came from different parts of the island of Trinidad and studied diligently in preparing themselves to minister to their own countrymen. These graduates are reaching and ministering to hundreds of people on a weekly basis. Keep them in prayer before the Lord.
Extension Seminary in Guyana,
South America
         Our extension seminary in Guyana had its beginning several years ago in a local church in a town called Niggs in Berbice. Many of the students are from an East Indian background, that means that their fore-fathers came to live in Guyana from India. There is a large East Indian population in Guyana. Many of these students are already in the pastorate or in some phase of the ministry. Here the President, Dr. Ron Seecharan, is conducting service where seven of the graduates were ordained for full-time ministry.
         In June of 1999, Dr. Birbal Boodram, the registrar of our extension seminary, and Dr. John Langston, the Dean of our extension seminary, joined me in Guyana. Together we taught courses in theology and Bible and then conducted the first graduation of the extension seminary in Guyana. It was the first of its kind in that country and their only television station sent one of its crews to tape the whole graduation ceremony, after which parts were shown on their network three times.
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