Why Trained Nationals?
         After centuries of being received with open arms, today the western missionary faces a closed door to 65% of the world's over 6 billion people. In third world "developing" nations since World War II, in one country after another, nationalist leaders and governments have risen to power and taken a dim view of Christianity; while at the same time Hinduism, Budhism, Islam and other religions are on the rise.

         It is our belief that the most effective work done in any country is accomplished by the nationals. This is true in the USA as well as in any other country
Advantages Of A Trained National
         Here are some striking advantages that the trained national leader has over his foreign counterpart:

1.   He knows the language; there are no wasted years in language        school
2.   He is acclimated to the local customs, food and living conditions.
3.   He is a citizen of the country, free to come and go at will with no visa       or immigration problems.
4.   He is accepted as one of his own without the suspicion which would       be attached to him as a foreigner.
5.   He is a full time resident of the country. There is no break in continuity       of witness every few years as the foreign missionary goes 'home' on        furlough.
6.   He has rights and privileges that would not be extended to a       foreigner. As a citizen he can be politically vocal and active in ways a       foreign missionary cannot.
7.   Economically, it costs less to support a trained national than it does to      support a foreign missionary.
How Do We Operate?
By training and equipping nationals for full time gospel ministry. We are focused in India, the West Indies and in South America. SRIM has its resident seminary in India and two extension seminaries: one in Trinidad in the West Indies and the other in Guyana in South America.

By financially supporting these trained nationals as they go back to work among their own people.

By following up with discipleship, Bible teaching, crusades, church planting, literature and media communications.

How Are We Financially Supported?
         We rely on God to supply our finances. We pray for His provision and present our needs to His people for intelligent giving and praying. The executive leadership controls the financial management. We publish a CPA's financial statement of receipts and disbursements annually. We do not incur any unsecured indebtedness.

        Committed to responsible Biblical stewardship, the leadership of SRIM is subject to the spiritual oversight of its executive and advisory board.

        SRIM is totally dependent on the all sufficient grace of God, and invites the prayers and support of Christians with a concern for unreached souls

       Contributions are tax deductible.

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