Hi, Welcome to our web site. As you browse around its our prayer that the Lord will bless you and give you a greater vision for missions and a desire to see people of other nations come to trust Christ as personal savior

      I am the President and founder of Solid Rock International Ministries, Inc. and Solid Rock Theological Seminary in India. Solid Rock International Ministries, Inc. is a non-denominational, evangelistic, missionary organization dedicated to proclaiming the Gospel of Christ to the world, with an emphasis on training and supporting nationals, particularly in third world nations where the doors are mostly closed to foreign missionaries.

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      Dr. Ron R. Seecharan
"Pure Grace is neither treating
a person as he deserves,
nor treating a person better
than he deserves, but treating
a person without the slightest
reference to what he deserves."
Lewis Sperry Chafer